In the begining.....

The Coton de tulear is a small (10-12"), mainly white, companion breed.
Originally from the island of Madagascar, legend has it that in the 15th century little white dogs escaped from a shipwreck, bred with the local terriers & populated the island.
Ownership of the coton was restricted to the king & noble families therefore the breed became known as the royal dog of Madagascar.
The breed was recognised by the FCI(Federation Cynologique Internationale) in 1970 & is now becoming a very popular breed on the continent.
Although still a comparatively rare breed in the UK it is slowly becoming popular as a family pet & companion for couples & single people as it is an intelligent little dog, has a happy, affectionate temperament & becomes very attached to its owner.
The Coton needs company & can suffer from seperation anxiety so they are not recommended for people who work full time.
It is a breed, which is a good choice for allergy sufferers due to its non-shedding coat & lack of doggy dander.

White Coton de Tulear puppy

Vocal, Lively, Not always white!

Some Cotons can be quite vocal, some can be wary of strangers & all appear to keep their lively personaliy into old age.
Not all Coton puppies are born white, some are born with a degree of colour, this colour does tend to fade to white or cream. However, some puppies will keep there colour throughout their lives.

Coloured Coton de Tulear puppy

Grooming & health

Although the coat does not grow to the ground this is a high maintenance breed, the unique, slightly wavy, cotton-like hair needs regular attention.
Owners of pet Cotons tend to keep them in an attractive pet trim so a good groomer is a must.
The Coton de Tulear is a natural, unexaggerated breed & relatively healthy, although as with any breed, health issues can & do crop up occasionally.
It's early days but research on Coton health is being done & tests are becoming available to breeders.

Coton in full coat